Ear Help Models


Dhanvantari Health Care Marketing is a Pune Maharashtra based ear aid firm with highest quality professional services in supplying of ear aid products. At Dhanvantari Health Care Marketing, we are pleased to introduce ourselves as the most committed ear aid service provider with superior quality ear equipments. Intending to offer the best to our customers with hearing disorders, we have diversified our horizon into several ear aid requirements and to do the utmost in the ear aid sphere, we offer wide spectrum.

Ear Help Models:

- Ear Help Comfort (O.N.H.) ISI Mark
- Ear Help Super Master + ISI Mark
- Ear Help - Accent
- Ear Help - Suprimo
- Ear Help- N.H.
- Ear Help- Extra Power (Three Pin)
- Ear Help Extra Super
- Ear Help Comfort
- Ear Help Vita Type
- Ear Help Power Master
- Ear Help- B.T.E On/Off
- Ear Help- Mini B.T.E. (With Built in Receiver)
- Ear Help Group Hearing Aid (For 6 Children)
- Audio Meter Portable
- Rexton - I.P.B.G.
- Rexton - 1 HP
- Rexton - 2 HP
- Rexton - I.T.C.
- Rexton - C.I.C.


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